Bumps: day 1

Summary: W3: up! W2 and W1: row over. M2 and M1: down.

W3 having bumped Nines 5 celebrate opposite the Plough.

W3 having bumped Nines 5 celebrate opposite the Plough.

W3: bumped on the exit from Grassy, having got massive overlap. fb video.

W2: ahead of them, Nines 4 bumps Champs 6 (Champs are having a really bad time). Press 2 chose the wrong line, got obstructed, and hence were bumped by our W2. Chesterton W2 went on to overtake Xpress, but the bump was not awarded and instead a row over for the first night (the initial results got this wrong).

W1: a fast Press crew overbumped COWS ahead of them, with City 4 going down to St Neots in between. All to play for tomorrow. Watch the video (thanks Jo)..

M2: no report yet, but they went down :-( [Update: "Had a rocky start and were bumped in the Ditch/start of the Gut by a Rob Roy's 4 junior crew. We had however taken about a length out of the boat in front of us - a novice crew from City, City 8". Watch the video (thanks Jo)]

M1: we got a decent start but didn't quite feel sufficiently measured and together from about halfway from the <s>Railway</s> Motorway bridge to First Post; and somewhere in that section Tabs 3 (the Hills Road Boyz) came on pretty quickly, bumping us in the gut, alas. Tomorrow will be fun: City 3 got Champs 1 quickly, but that's more a measure of Champs than City and I look forward to the morrow with eager anticipation. Video. Jet Photographic.


Other stuff:

* Men's division 1 from Grassy. Listen for the horrible crunch at 0:50 as Nine's get forced into the bank nose first.

* Women's division 1 from Grassy.