Captain's log 2016

Here, recorded for posterity, is Simon Emmings' record of achievement over the past (September to September) rowing year.

Boston Marathon, 
Mixed viii -1st, course record.

Autumn Head, 
Im3 -3rd

Huntingdon Head - Simon forgot this infamous event and its incomprehensibly stupid draw.

Vets iv's Head

Christmas Head
First time entered 5 mixed crews, theme Christmas dinner.

Deep cleaned men's viii, over Christmas.

Winter Head
im3 -2nd
Mas -3rd
Nov -3rd

Winter league
First time ever entered 2 men's viiis
Im3- 3rd, 6th overall
Nov-1st, 27th overall

Winter Head to Head
Im3 -1st
Nov -2nd

(WeHORR - not part of men's stuff, but I'll link to it)

HoRR, great success
First time ever entered 2 viii's.
Im3- 25th in Cat, 215th overall
Nov- 9th in Cat, 309th overall

Vet's Head
Mixed viii

Training camp Sabaudia
First ever training camp! Well done Dan!

Oxford Bumps
First time we have entered 1xW and 1xM
Men up two, to 7th
women up 1 to 8th in div 2

Rad Mile
Nov- 2nd

Head of the Cam
Went well.

Spring H2H
Im3 -1st
(I also coxed women..side-by-side from Ditton to road bridge...that was fun)

City Sprints
Im3 iv- 2nd
Single -2nd

Champs Head
Novs -1st

99's Regatta
Novs -2nd

Xpress Head
M1- 1st (2nd fastest town club)
M3- 3rd,(in im3 cat)

Peterborough Spring Regatta
Im3 viii-1st
Nov viii -lost in heat
iv -4th
single-3rd in heat
Im3 viii- 4th
Im3 iv-2nd
single- 4th in semi

First time ever entered viii
Im3- 10th 6:08(winning time ,5:55)

Time Race
M1-2nd overall
M3-2nd in Cat
(W1 and W2 both 1st in Cat!)

Town Bumps
M1 up 9th!(my proudest moment M1's last night bump)
M2 down 34th
M3 up 50th (M3 total joy..Prosecco and a cheese sandwich)
W1 stayed at 10 (after thinking they would get spoons!)
W2 up 1 rowed sandwich 3 times
W3 up 2 to 38
Record number still standing at 8am after party!

Named the iv "Nostromo"

Peterborough Summer Regatta
Nov viii-1st..pot and points for old boys!
Simon Emmings
Paul Holland
Steve O Rourke
Gerhard Smith
Simon Green
Mike PJ
Dave Byrne

Im3 iv-lost in heat
Single-4th in final

Cambridge Regatta
Im3 - 2nd

Great Ouse Half Marathon
Im3 iv -course record

99's Regatta
Pair-lost in heat

Um. This picture is from 2013, isn't it? Still, its a nice picture and it has Simon in it. And it was the last time before 2016 that M1 went up three.