CRA town bumps 2018

It's that time again; here's the start order. We have three men's and three women's crews this year, ranging from the usual been-rowing-all-year to the just-got-together-before-bumps. This year Chesterton is the "featured club" in the bumps programme.


But blogs are so out of fashion; a succession of posts to fb is how most things got noticed; so well behind time I'll try to update this with results. And rather than day-by-day, how about crew-by-crew?

Overall results (partial archive): M1: 0; M2: +4 (blades); M3: +3. W1: +2 (to 8, highest ever); W2: 0; W3: +2.

* Day 1: M1: down to Tabs 3. M2: up on Champs 2; M3: up on Nines 7. W1: up on Robs! W2: Up on Nines 4; W3: row-over.

* Day 2: M1: row-over; M2: up on City 7; M3: row-over. W1: row-over; W2: row-over; W3: up on Champs 6.

* Day 3: M1: up on City 2; M2: up on Press 3; M3: up on Champs 5. W1: row-over; W2: down to City 5; W3: row-over.

* Day 4: M1: row-over; M2: up on St Neots 2; M3: up on City 11. W1: up on City 2 (at last!); W2: row-over; W3: up on City 8.

Note: currently this is an archive-in-progress awaiting filling in. Notice subtle links to my and PH's posts.

Photo credits: various. Recommended sets:

* Chris Worrall

* Dave Meredith (day 3)



* Vidz:  riggercam, day 3. JoCriggercam, day 4. JoC.

Hors Serie

* Tabs 2 (Hills Road returners) day 2 versus Nines 2.


* Vidz: JoC, day 4.


* Vidz: JoC, day 4.


* Vidz: JoC: day 4.


* Vidz: JoC; day 3. Anne, Day 4.

Words and Music: W2

[The management accept no responsibility for the text of this section]

Dawn reports: a last minute addition to our land warm-up by our illustrious Captain - designed to enhance crew bonding and, allegedly, performance - had us doing pre-race power poses every night to the 1970s Wonder Woman theme. Our experience of bumps is best conveyed by swapping in the lyrics below to this catchy little tune:

Wonder Women, Wonder Women

All the Cam’s waiting for you,

and the power you possess.

In your lycra tights,

Fighting off bumps frights

And for the Yellow, Blue and Blue.

Wonder Women, Wonder Women.

Now the cannon’s ready for you,

and the draw strokes you can do.

Make a bump first day

Row fast all the way

Nearly get the over bump

Wonder Women,

Get us out from under, Wonder Women.

You are Chesterton Women two

And it’s magic that you do.

Stop a coxed eight cold,

Make the others fold,

Change their minds,

and change the world.

Wonder Women, Wonder Women.

You’re a wonder, Wonder Women.

Chesterton W2 “Wonder Women” bumps crew 2018: Manja, Ella, Kate, Dawn, Pamela, Eszter, Masha, Angela (Captain), Caroline and supersubs Katie and Cecile, and Coach Seline.


Rachel's speech; Simon's speech.


* 2017 day 1; day 2; day 3; day 4

* 2016 day 1 ("The day was hot but so were we. Woof! Is that an oar in my one-piece or am I pleased to see you?").