Bumps, 2019, day 1

Gosh, is it that time already? We’ll skip the long lead-in and move straight onto…

W4 unfortunately we got bumped by 99's 8 (vid) but had a super strong start - we just need to curb the enthusiasm... tomorrow you will have a less loud position for the gun and someone who knows what they are doing coxing you.
M3 - bumped up catching champs 4 somewhere before first post corner.
W3 had a gloriously strong looking row over after the boats ahead bumped out.
W2 bumped champs 4.
And lastly and leastly M2 bumped up (vid) bumping cantabs 6 (the crew formerly known as tab 2…). To quote the immortal Paul H “tag your emotions to each stroke and trace your finger along the lines of memory that radiate from the starting gun’s roar”.

Tomorrow sees w4 and m3 racing (as above) and w1 starting at 7th on the river racing at 20:10 chasing Cantabs 3 and M1 starting at 11th racing at 20:45 chasing nines 2.