Bumps 2019, day 4

Rachel’s round-up:

W4 down :( a much better row than our first outing on Monday - the furthest so far. Let's hold 99 9 off tomorrow. Vid.

M3 up! Well done boys. Vid.

W3 - super epic gutsy row over from canvas to escaping - awesome effort ladies. Same again tomorrow? - you've got to push those pesky kids away. Vid (combo with W2)

W2 - another bump up! Nice so you're on for at least one bottle of rose (as it stands) and nine straws. Vid (combo with W3)

M2 - a row over :/ the Sharks were just a bit quicker on Xpress 2 than you were on them. Vid. [Editors comment: M2 didn’t sign on for rowing this far, but then again neither did Sharks…]

W1 - a row over - and even though I do say so myself the best row to date. Never in any real danger from city 2 we decided to make Cantabs work. Vid.

Finally M1 - a row over - the most miles rowed in the club so far. Vids: Jo, bowcam.

Here may be a good place to acknowledge Jo Crisall’s excellent videoing work for us all.