Bumps 2019 day 5

Last night all done. Blades for W2 (vid) and M3 (vid). Followed by an excellent night at the Waterman where I may have drunk a little more than I intended, followed by City where I definitely did.

Of M3: Congratualtions on your blades. Dave B says it's been a narrative arc from utter shite to M2.5 standard.

Of M1: a splendid powerful row-over. We were chasing Robs 2 (again! They’d failed to quite get Tabs 3 last night) and chased by Peterborough, who had got City 2 really quite quickly, so we were on our mettle (also they’d been poncing around Queens’ wearing flags prematurely…). We upped our start tempo and held it longer, resulting in Peterborough never getting more than on station, and us getting a whistle on Robs just before FP. After that we held P and chased R until we chased them onto Tabs around Ditton, which saw some exciting and good coxing by Manja to see us round the bumped-out boats and onto the reach, and home. Very satisfying and well worth the effort.