Town bumps 2017: day 3


* M3: down; M2: up! M1: row-over.

* W3: down; W2: up! W1: row-over.

Cool drone video of W2 here.

[Some pictures nicked form Cantabs; thanks.]

Race reports

M1: a lovely evening. On the start line we have City 2 ahead of us again, and behind us we have Tabs 4 again. Tabs know how close they got to us yesterday, so are bound to go off hard. And they also know they have Nines 2 behind them, who bumped up, so that's another reason for Tabs to go off hard. For our part we know we can stay ahead of Tabs if we survive their charge, and resolve to push a little harder down FP reach. Today we have a better start than yesterday and Tabs get close, but not as close as yesterday. Around Grassy they put in a push but its really their last-gasp to avoid Nines, so when we push away they fall to Nines soon after and we can relax. Except! No-one tells Manya that there's no-one behind us so we race down the Reach; to be fair, it feels so bumpy that it seems City 2 must be close ahead, but I don't think they were. Tomorrow is fly-or-die; or perhaps some slightly politer version of that.

Town bumps 2017: day 2


* M1: row-over ahead (just!) of Tabs 3 (vid; bowcam) M2: up (pic; vid); M3: row-over (twice; pic).

* W1: row-over (pic); W2 down (picdrone video; bank video); W3: down.

Wx: light headwind variable.

Reports: men

M1 heroically rowed over in the face of an impassioned charge from the boyz at Hillz Road, who closed to, errm, really rather close for comfort by First Post, and perhaps even less comfortable at Grassy, where they happily took a slightly sub-optimal corner whilst Manya took us round rather more tightly. With that breathing room, no breaking of our resolve, and fine support from the bank we held them at bay all the way down the Reach, finally clearing to nearly half a length by the Railway Bridge. Ahead of us Sharks didn't get Tabs 2; so it's same-again today.

M3 (written from the video): it's a long way down to the lock and it feels very isolated. M2 set off back in fine style, with one whistle in 5 strokes, two in 10, three in 15 but then took all the way to 30 to close down Xpress 4. Well done boys, holding up the flag for the rest of us.



Associated stuff:

* Nines 2 bumping Tabs 3 (once 2) coxcam.

Town bumps 2017: day 1

At last, it's here, the highlight of the Cambridge rowing year: bumps. All that energy, effort and training expended in one vast splurge of excitement, thrills, spills, accidents, random chance and well deserved rewards for endeavour.


Day one results summary:

* M3 row-over (twice). M2: bumped Tabs 7 to head of Div 3 (vid), then City 8 to safely into Div 2. M1: down to City 2 (Sharks; vid).

* W3 down to City 8. W2: row-over. W1: down to Tabs 3.

Real time updates are of course to be found on Facebook. There's a drone video of W1.

Peterborough Spring Regatta 2017

Like Peterborough Spring Regatta 2016, but one year on. And with different winners :-)

Results, Saturday: IM3 M1, 3rd in heat; IM3 women, ditto; W Nov, 3rd in final; Nov 4x-, third in heat.

Results, Sunday: IM3 M2, 3rd in heat; W Mas B/C 4-, win; W IM3 4x-, third in heat; IM3 2-, win; Nov 1x, third in repechage.

Of the women

The first weekend in June and it’s off to Peterborough rowing lake for our first off Cam side by side regatta of the year.  The women’s squad had a bumper entry with a Novice Eight and Intermediate 3 Eight entered on the Saturday and Novice Quad and Masters C Coxless Four entered on the Sunday.  Both days races were over the full 1000m course.

For many of the Novice Eight it was their first experience of the thrill and nerves of side-by-side racing.  They got off to a strong start in their heat then got a bit scrappy in the middle but managed to hang on to second place for a place in the final.  The final was more composed, although settling into fourth place they gradually rowed down the crew in front to take a well-earned third place.

Our Intermediate Eight had a tough draw but had a strong race placing third in their heat ahead of City of Cambridge Dev Squad with a time of 3.37, a new club record.  Although not making it through to the final the crew were pleased with their result being faster than all the crews in the other heat with the third fastest time overall to Queens’ College W1 and Sudbury.

On Sunday we had our first side-by-side races in “Tishka” our brand new Wintech Quad/Coxless 4.  The quad is a new addition to our fleet and we’re therefore relatively new to racing in it.  It was our first regatta in the quad and Meg’s first time at steering in a straight line. Good experience that the crew can build on and of course a new club record for the course!

Our last race was the women’s coxless 4 entered into the Masters B/C category.  A new crew having had our first outing in a coxless 4 only six weeks previously but we’d had been training consistently with our eyes on entering the British Masters National Championships the week after Peterborough.  Katherine was our very experienced steersman but with a new boat and new crew we weren’t sure we’d go in a straight-line.  We were up against two Lea RC crews and a Cantabs crew who we’d seen out training too and knew had won recently at the Notts City Masters Regatta.  We’d been up against them in the Spring Head to Head where they’d entered in a coxed four, we’d been quicker by 30 seconds but that’s a 4km course with bends and they had a cox so not immediately comparable.  We had a decent start and settled into a good rhythm at rate 36, we followed our race plan and could see the two Lea crews behind but had no idea where Cantabs were (definitely not behind!).  We were buoyed on by loads of cheering of “Go Chesterton!” from all around the regatta course then at 250m to go we did a push and from the videos it look like we finally got ahead by a canvas.  Cantabs, in lane 1, then hit their blades on the bank, we capitalised and pushed out a length for the win.  All topped off by loads of girlie whooping at the finish and big smiles for the rest of the day and of course a new club record.  Next stop British Masters Champs.  Chesterton Women rowing with the Big Girls!

Vidz: Mas B/C.

Of the men

Saturday didn't exactly go to plan. We're a decent crew this year and had come to feel that a place in the final was due to us; sadly an excellent Lea crew, and a pretty good Leeds University crew, put paid to that. Somewhat disappointed, we were cheered to realise that we'd have won the other heat, and that our 3:08.1 matched the "Great Year" of 2013. Meanwhile the Nov 4x- battled valiantly but did not come first.

On Sunday, M2 had entered IM3 rather than masters, which was always going to be a tough row for them, and so it proved. On the day they didn't quite manage to put together the high-quality starts they'd done in practice, and so had to fight from behind, eventually losing by a length.

Keith sculled valiantly into the Rep and pulled out 4:08, but it wasn't enough; too much time on the slide.

But the stars of the day were the IM3 pair of Steven and Conor who competed so hard to pull each other round that they stormed down the course in 3:36, winning both their heat and their final by a considerable margin.


* M1 Saturday riggercam aka "Steve P Cam".

* M2 Sunday coxcam aka "Dave R Cam".

* Steven+Conor 2- heat.

WeHoRR 2017

Saturday 11th March  saw two Chesterton crews taking to the Tideway for the 6.8 km of WEHoRR. Taking two women’s crews was a first for Chesterton and was the focus of our Winter Training.  Another first was finding night coxes for the two crews so both crews had been able to increase their training with a mid-week night outing throughout the winter.  The winter weather had been kind with no cancelled outings so both crews (IM3 and Novice) were keen to make a good showing.

However, this event wouldn’t be complete without a last minute panic,  and this time it was the IM3 crew searching around for a last minute sub.   Still we had one outing in the new lineup, what could possibly go wrong.   We all arrived at the beautiful Furnivall gardens at the side of the iconic Hammersmith Bridge and excitedly took to the water.   I can only speak for the IM3 crew, we hit a solid rhythm straight off the start and could really feel the stream especially at the beginning of the race.   We held on to the rhythm for the whole 22 minutes trying to keep it tidy and efficient pushing through a gritty overtake on the line. So it was back to Furnivall, de-rigging and the wait for the results.  These came through quickly even before the Novice crew were off the water.  They’d pipped us by 2 tenths of a second over the 22 minute course! It was a fantastic result for the Novice crew, for all of whom it was their first experience of the Tideway,  a result to be proud of. Looking strong for Bumps!

Then it was back to Cambridge for more racing on Sunday, the third and final leg of the Winter League.  The Novice crew again had a good row, winning pots in their Novice category by a fair margin and the IM3 crew back to full strength with a couple of pairs of fresh legs restored their pride with a time of 11.24.4 (a new club record).

Another notable result from the WEHoRR saw Chesterton alumna (Bailee Stratton)  win the provincial pennant with Cantabrigian RC, finishing 14th out of 300 crews.

Pix by Al Craigie.

Winter league 2017, leg 2

Wx: cold, grey, some drizzle, slight tailwind down the Reach; slightly faster conditions than leg 1. For comparison, see leg 1. For full results, see RowClock.

Men A (9:28.5; video): Leg 1 was good but we could do better, especially with Conor back in and Kate ("like a female Steven"- anon) subbing in at seven while the hen-pecked Steven was forced to go to Paris to watch some egg-kicking. With the boat now stroke rigged (it's unnatural I tell you) and a month's coaching from Will under our belt, we're sharper and a little more professional. First Post flowed very well, the Gut/ Grassy / Plough was OK, we kicked well out of Ditton onto the Reach and pushed home from there. We pulled back the 6 seconds we'd lost to Press on leg 1 and are now exactly equal: all set for an exciting leg 3 (Press are Masters; that's raw time. We're leading IM3 by 13 seconds over City 2). 

As noted in the 2016 post, we got 9:28 in 2014. Twice.

Women IM3 (11:38.8): six seconds faster than leg 1, so they've crept up on their rivals:Tabs and Press were both slower than leg 1.

Men B (10:22): 40 seconds faster than leg 1, well done.

Women Nov (12:00.1): again faster than leg 1, and maintain their lead over rivals Hills Belles now out to 27 seconds.

Women 4x-: (13:14.5): "rowed more like a four than a quad" or some I'm told.

Keith (14:00.7): currently 4/9, or 4/7 of those who have done both legs.

Winter league 2017, leg 1

Wx: generally good, wind not detectable and stream light. For comparison, see 2016.

This year we have two IM3 men's VIII's (we now have enough points that we cannot scratch a novice VIII together), an IM3 and novice women's VIII, a women's quad and Keith holding up the sculling end.

Results from leg 1 are:

Men A: 9:49.8 (2/6 by 1.8 secs to City) [Compare an average of 10:07 last year; fastest men Tabs 1 9:05] [Vidz: by Dawn] [GPS trace]
Men B: 11:04.9 (6/6) [Vidz by Dan]
W IM3: 11:44.9 (6/8) [Fastest women Tabs IM2 10:07] [Vidz by Dan]
W Nov: 12:07.4 (1/8 well done) [Vidz: by Dawn]
W 4x-: 12:35 (2/2)
Keith 1x: 13:43 (5/9) [Vidz by Dan]

Full results are online (and appeared very fast too, well done City).

Post division 2 coffee outside Stir in the sunshine: L to R: Amanda, Dave, Josh, William, Paul looking hard, Lorraine looking cool, Rachel, Simon, Dan's ear.

Post division 2 coffee outside Stir in the sunshine: L to R: Amanda, Dave, Josh, William, Paul looking hard, Lorraine looking cool, Rachel, Simon, Dan's ear.

Ely boats head

Update: M VIII second overall, and both IV's win their IM3 category! Pots (nearly) all round.

It was only as we drove towards Ely with an VIII on the trailer that I realised this was a touch odd for a "small boats head". But it has been re-branded and is now a "boats head" (archive of current state). They have a big river so throwing in a few VIIIs is hardly a problem, particularly this afternoon when after a glorious early-winter sunshine morning we had bitter cold and rain that put off a few of the smaller boats. The Mad Max style industrial landscape is still there, and the boating stages make an odd contrast to the not-yet-gleaming work in progress of CUBC's new boathouse on the opposite shore.

We entered, as well as the aforementioned men's VIII, the Elite IV and a Ladies IV, all in the afternoon division. All the crews had good races, enjoying a mild tailwind and a 5 km straight with no bends to slow down or throw out the racing. The M VIII went off first and stayed that way, easily outpacing Champs behind us. The M IV started fourth and ended up second. And the W IV overtook two without losing any place themselves.

Results now out; I guessed 19:14 for the M VIII (Chris guessed 19:30) which fits with the 1:55-ish splits (GPS trace) moderately well.  The answers are below.

Provisional results here.


* M VIII: Dave Richards, Chris Wood, Paul Holland, Steve O'Rouke, Brian Stevens, Michael Prior-Jones, Simon Emmings, Gerhard Smith. Cox: William Connolley. (Video; another). 19:12, second overall, pipped by Robs Quad for first place.

* W IV:  Amanda Clarkson, Catherine, Lorraine Turvill,  Jo Raskin. Cox: Robert Nimmo. (Video). 21:44, winning the IM3 4+. 2nd women's crew.

* M IV: Steven Andrews, Conor Burgess, Simon Lloyd, Dan McGreal. Cox: James Tidy. (Video; another). 20:07, winning the IM3 4+. 6th overall.

Pix: Rachel Newby. Vidz: Meg Richards.