Head of the Cam 2019

The Head of the Cam 2019 will be on Saturday April the 27th (see the CRA diary).

[Advance notice: the date for 2020 is most likely the 25th of April; see the provisional CRA diary].

Results are now available from the same spreadsheet as the draw, or (more conveniently perhaps) via rowclock. Prize giving will be at 15:30 at Queens’.

Closing date for entries was 6pm on Wednesday the 24th April.

Weather warning! All crews should have received an email from us pointing out that the forecast is predicting strong winds for Saturday. We will be monitoring the situation carefully, but at the moment the race is still fully on.

Crews can have a refund if they contact us to pull out because their coach / cox are not comfortable with the conditions.

The deadline for requesting a refund will be Friday 31st May 2019. To request a refund you must send bank details to Meg Richards.

The final draw is now available: click here.

Could those promised and expecting refunds for scratching due to the weather conditions please contact us with their bank details so that we can arrange refunds.

Race control is Queens' coaching room (upstairs). Numbers will be available from 7:45am.


  • Course of 2,600m upstream on the River Cam. Four divisions, VIII's, IV's, smaller boats. CRA, College classes. Click on the map for a larger version, or explore via google maps..

  • Prizes of tastefully engraved glasses for category winners. Winners will be announced and prizes handed out at 3:30 pm (not 4pm) at Queens' Boathouse.

  • Note that this year we are not a BR event, but will do our best to accommodate off-Cam folk.

Enquiries and entries: please contact the Race Secretary, William Connolley, at headofthecam@gmail.com / 07985 935400.

For entries, please state your crew details:

  • Club, boat type (VIII, 4+, 4-, 4x, 2, 2x, 1x, etc),

  • Crew status (CRA / College 1st Mays, 2nd, etc.),

  • preferred division,

  • and any constraints with crews in other divisions.

There are four divisions, at times:

  • Division 1: 09:00

  • Division 2: 10:40

  • Division 3: 12:30

  • Division 4: 14:00

I used to ask people to provide an estimate of your expected time, to be used for seeding purposes. However, I generally found this not-terribly-useful. Rather than actual numbers, good / average / slow for your class is most useful. This is only useful for the VIII's, or anyone outstandingly fast or slow. An accurate estimate is most important for crews hoping to race without overtaking or being overtaking, either of which can slow you down. If you've got no idea of your time (new crew, visiting crew, whatever) then don't worry. Known College Mays crews will be seeded in last year's finish order.

Divisions tend to fill up for the VIIIs, for which we have a rough limit of 25 per division. But (within reason) we can accommodate as many sculls and small boats as you like.

  • Entry: £8.00 per rowing seat; coxes are free.

  • Payment may be made online to:

    • "Chesterton Head of the Cam Race Account", sort code 40-16-08, account 44154835.

    • Please also email me and CC meg.richards@outlook.com so we can track payments.

  • Slightly less conveniently, cheques, payable to CRA, should be sent to:

    • W M Connolley, 28 Silverdale Avenue, Coton, CB23 7PP.

    • Put your crew name(s) clearly on the back or on an enclosure.

Useful notes

  • Race control is at Queens boathouse, upstairs. We're open from 7:45am for numbers.

  • To help marshalling and ensure a prompt start, it will help if the VIII's can make some attempt to come up the reach in reverse order.

  • The overtaking rule is, as is previous years, "cede the racing line to the faster crew".

  • The start Marshall will endeavour to be flexible about the start order, particularly at the tail of the divisions, either at crews requests or as seems suitable to them..

  • Visiting crews: boating facilities are available at various places along the Cam; you may be able to make arrangements with local clubs. Failing that, facilities are available from Combined Boathouse, by prior agreement. Please get in touch with me by email.

Entry deadline: everyone wants to know what the entry deadline is, so that they can submit their entry 5 minutes before it, or more likely a day afterwards. Entries close at 6pm on Wednesday the 24th April.

Post event notes

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