Autumn head

As Chris put it: the same as the others, but in the Autumn.

For the men, our first race of the new post-summer-holidays season, and looking towards winter. We came third of eight IM3 VIII's in 10:02.5 and 12th overall; there's the usual GPS trace if you're interested. What to compare it to? Well, not to the race winners, Lea IM3 VIII in 9:18, who were in a class of their own 15 seconds ahead of Lysander and then Downing. However, we were only 10 seconds behind Clare and Christs. We were significantly better than the 2015 Winter League (11:30, 10:34, 11:11) but not as good as two of the legs of 2014 (09:28, 09:28, 10:05) but better than 2013 (11:08, 11:21, 10:20). But 2014 was a good year; today was nearly windless and the river calm. In terms of technique, we weren't quite as solid as we could have been - a few wobbles, not rock-solid - but decent; and there's still the rush waiting in the background ready to pounce at any opportunity. In conclusion: just over 10 is a decent time we can be happy with and build on.

The women had two crews: and VIII in division 1 and a IV in division 2. There's some nice video of the IV which I'll include here.

The women's VIII came in at 12:17.7 - 6/6 at IM3 and the IV at 12:23.1 - 3/3 at IM3. Of the latter, L says "A really excellent time (our best yet!) and a good overtake too; a competitive category". Of the former, "It's fairer to look at the results in context of the Novice category.  We would have been 6 out of 11 which is a really decent result given we had three rowers with very little race experience".