Head of the Cam 2016 - results and wash-up

Thanks to all competitors, marshalls, volunteers, umpires, Queens for hosting us, and of course my mother. The results are now available. The winners: fastest Men CULRC; fastest Women Cantabs senior crew.

Category winners

You can find these at the results.


* Elite-IM2 1x: Loughborough, Schofield

* J15 1x: Nines, Champion

* J16 1x: City, Oliver

* J17 1x: Leys, Middleton

* J18 1x: Nines, Bennet

* MasC-E 1x: Robs, Oeffner

* Nov 1x: Nines, Butler

* Mas D-F 2-: Loughborough, Hill

* Elite-IM2 2x: Nines, Ryan

* IM2 4-: City, Wolverine

* IM3 4+: City Marten and Nines Gemmel, equal

* Mas D-F 4+: Broxbourrne, Phil

* Alumni 8+: Downing Segreants, Mike

* Fastest Men8+: CULRC, Weasely

* IM3 8+: City, Stoat

* Mas D 8+: Robs / Lysander

* Mas E 8+: Broxbourne, Adrian

* Nov 8+: Nines, van Gent

* Mays 1 8+: LMBC M1

* Mays 2 8+: LMBC M2

* Mays 3 8+: Clare M2

* Mays other 8+: Hughes Hall M2


* Mx 2x: Cantabs / FaT


* J17 1x: Leys, Hope

* Nov 1x: Cantabs, Senior

* IM2 2-: FaT, daSilva

* J17-18 2x: Leys, Black / Derbyshire

* Nov 2x: Robs, RL

* Alumni 8+: Christ's Crustaceans

* IM2 8+: Cantabs, Senior

* IM3 8+: City, Tayra

* J17-18 8+: Cantabs / HillsJ18

* Mays 1: Jesus W1

* Mays 3-Other: St Edmunds and Lucy Cavendish, equal

Pots we owe

Due to a pleasing late surge in entries, we had more categories that we expected, and so we ran out of physical pots on the day. Sorry about that. We haven't forgotten you though. We believe that the following didn't pick up their pots on the day, and we'll get back to you when the fill-up order comes in, in a week or so.

* Loughborough Scofield x1

Robs Oeffner Mas C x1

* Robs WJ14 2x

* Nines Butler Nov x1

* Broxbourne Phil Mas E 4+

Now done:

* Broxbourne Adrian Mas E 8+

* Christs W Alumni 8+

* City Wolverine Im2 4-

* City Marten Im3 4+

* City Stoat Im3 8+

* City Boaty McBoatface W J14 x1


It all went very well, I thought. Everyone seemed happy anyway. We weren't quite as on time starting divisions as we usually are; this was largely due to crews being late to the start. Please try to get own promptly, especially if you're amongst the small boats at the back. The rebuild at Combined made boating somewhat tricky for visiting crews, but they managed. The weather veered back and forth during the day, but could have been a lot worse. "Race control" at Queens was far away from the action; the actual blow-by-blow race control was at the finish, and next year we'll probably reflect that in the naming to avoid confusion; "race control" at the finish, "race HQ" at Queens. Clearly we stuffed up our pots ordering, we'll try to learn from that. 

Getting the results together in between the last timesheet coming back, and the prizegiving at 4, is always a bit of a flutter. Inevitably there were a couple of bijou mistakes which were fortunately corrected for me by those affected, where I managed to pick the wrong winner for a category. My apologies to those whose hopes were briefly raised only to be dashed.

Mostly the draw was OK, but there were a couple of clashes in the fourth divisions. There's a problem with fast fours and slow VIII's; the VIII's pretty well need to be in a block, especially if the division is full; so if you're a fast four behind a slow VIII then leave a gap. We'll also try and organise the marshals at First Post, the Gut, Grassy and Ditton to be active in reminding crews to cede the racing line.

Prehistory: an archive of old Head of the Cam results is here.