Time Race: Ladies Night

M1 and 3, and W1 and 3, turned out for the CRA Time Race on the eccentric new wildlife friendly course form the Plough to Peter's Posts. The results are available in a confusing format - I do like to see some of the old traditions upheld. M1 came second only to Tabs 1, beating Tabs 2 by six seconds which is nice. W1 won Mas A/B/C pots; and W3 won Nov pots. M3 came second in the Nov category, beaten only by the really-rather-good-for-novice Nines crew that started off 3rd.

Who are all these people anyway?

Who are all these people anyway?

Somewhat later, down the Waterman:

I'm sure you all want to see the GoPro of M1:

Emma the Howard dug out some old timed race results from the CRA; its here for reference.