Winter league, 2014

From the viewpoint of our "M1"ish VIII.

Overall our VIII was 9th, which just happens to be our bumps start position. I'll omit the speculation about bumps that I would have put in here, had I written this post at the time (but I'm actually writing it in November, just for the records).

In 2013 we were 21st; in 2012 we were lower; 2011 & 2010 & 2009 we neglected to enter; anyway, you get the idea. Its the best we've done for a while, so Good.

If you want to relive the magic, here's leg 3.

Our results: 09:28 / 09:28 / 10:05. Full results, since the CRA are a bit rubbish about archiving them readably.

Who were those masked men? WL 3, at least, was Me (William Connolley), Ian Foster, Paul Holland, Chris Wood, Simon Green, Dave Byrne. Dave Richards, Andy Southgate. But not in that order. And cox James Tidy.