Town bumps 2017: day 2


* M1: row-over ahead (just!) of Tabs 3 (vid; bowcam) M2: up (pic; vid); M3: row-over (twice; pic).

* W1: row-over (pic); W2 down (picdrone video; bank video); W3: down.

Wx: light headwind variable.

Reports: men

M1 heroically rowed over in the face of an impassioned charge from the boyz at Hillz Road, who closed to, errm, really rather close for comfort by First Post, and perhaps even less comfortable at Grassy, where they happily took a slightly sub-optimal corner whilst Manya took us round rather more tightly. With that breathing room, no breaking of our resolve, and fine support from the bank we held them at bay all the way down the Reach, finally clearing to nearly half a length by the Railway Bridge. Ahead of us Sharks didn't get Tabs 2; so it's same-again today.

M3 (written from the video): it's a long way down to the lock and it feels very isolated. M2 set off back in fine style, with one whistle in 5 strokes, two in 10, three in 15 but then took all the way to 30 to close down Xpress 4. Well done boys, holding up the flag for the rest of us.



Associated stuff:

* Nines 2 bumping Tabs 3 (once 2) coxcam.