Town bumps 2017: day 3


* M3: down; M2: up! M1: row-over.

* W3: down; W2: up! W1: row-over.

Cool drone video of W2 here.

[Some pictures nicked form Cantabs; thanks.]

Race reports

M1: a lovely evening. On the start line we have City 2 ahead of us again, and behind us we have Tabs 4 again. Tabs know how close they got to us yesterday, so are bound to go off hard. And they also know they have Nines 2 behind them, who bumped up, so that's another reason for Tabs to go off hard. For our part we know we can stay ahead of Tabs if we survive their charge, and resolve to push a little harder down FP reach. Today we have a better start than yesterday and Tabs get close, but not as close as yesterday. Around Grassy they put in a push but its really their last-gasp to avoid Nines, so when we push away they fall to Nines soon after and we can relax. Except! No-one tells Manya that there's no-one behind us so we race down the Reach; to be fair, it feels so bumpy that it seems City 2 must be close ahead, but I don't think they were. Tomorrow is fly-or-die; or perhaps some slightly politer version of that.